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Why PharmaCover?

At PharmaCover, we believe that pharmacy owners, pharmacists and pharmacy employees deserve insurance and group benefits designed with their needs in mind.

Here’s why pharmacy professionals choose PharmaCover:

The PharmaCover team has years of experience custom designing solutions for pharmacies just like yours

PharmaCover is a team of insurance and group benefits professionals who specialize in protecting the interests of pharmacy owners, pharmacists and pharmacy employees. When we work with you, you gain the proper coverage and knowledge to make informed decisions for your professional/malpractice liability insurance, protecting your retail store with commercial business insurance, entity coverage, cyber liability and look after your employees with group benefits – all in one place.

Exclusive savings and coverage for members of the McKesson Canada buying group

There’s power in numbers and as a member of the McKesson Canada buying group, you benefit from being part of a larger group for your business insurance, group benefits and personal insurance. Being part of this group saves you money and gives you enhanced coverage that isn’t readily available elsewhere in the marketplace. At PharmaCover, we’re proud to be a preferred vendor for McKesson Canada.

Expert counsel on coverage options & complimentary coverage analysis

Insurance is complicated and we are here to help! Saving you time not having to search online or not understanding the insurance legalese, which can result in coverage deficiencies and costly claims. Working together – we help you understand what coverage aligns with each type of insurance and group benefits, why you need it and how to fully protect yourself, your business and your staff. We do this so you can manage your risk effectively while respecting your budget. We also offer complimentary coverage analysis.

Proven track record serving pharmacists and pharmacy owners since 2013

PharmaCover was created because we saw that pharmacy owners and pharmacists weren’t getting sufficient counsel, coverage and protection from other insurance and group benefits brokers. It’s simply not possible to offer the best protection to pharmacy professionals without understanding the nuances of the pharmacy sector.

We created a way for owners and individuals at small pharmacy banners to access exclusive savings and coverage and get expert counsel for maximum risk reduction. We are proud that we’ve served our pharmacy clients since 2013 while other brokers have come and gone.

High customer satisfaction & retention

We serve our clients well and they keep coming back to us, year after year. With insurance and group benefits, there’s no obligation to renew with your current provider. However, our client retention rate is excellent because we offer value and expertise about commercial, property and personal insurance and group benefits.

We are passionate about providing products and services our clients need and simplifying the process from start to finish.

The benefits of PharmaCare coverage:

Total Stock Loss

We provide an exclusive total stock-loss endorsement on your commercial business insurance.

Savings on Home & Auto Insurance

Employees can purchase home and auto insurance for significantly less than regular insurance rates—at no extra cost to you.

Medical Malpractice Specialists

All medical malpractice claims are handled by professionals who specialize in this area.

Group Buying Power

Access the savings and coverage that comes with insurance and group benefits purchased within a buying group.

Everyone is Insurable

Group benefits allow you to buy life, accidental death and dismemberment, health, dental and travel insurance without medical underwriting.

Tax Efficiencies

Most employee benefits are deductible expenses for your company and aren’t considered taxable income for your employees.

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